Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trust Trixie

Her name was Trixie and she was the ultimate devil’s advocate. She enjoyed nothing more than throwing a controversial comment into a discussion and watching the fireworks fly!

Her speciality was to wander around the pub and listen into conversations in which deeply held opinions or passions were being expounded then come up with a glib one line put down – all in the name of humour she told us.

Par exemple, A bunch of guys were standing around the bar supping their pints one night and they were pretty much in agreement about the benefits of driving a gutsy car rather than a little eco-friendly runabout. I could overhear the discussion and whilst I didn’t necessarily agree with them I respected their right to form their own opinions. Not Trixie. She bowled up and suggested that the real reason they all drove Beemers and Impretzas was to make up for the fact that they were all inadequate in the man-hood department! Trust Trixie. The ensuing conversation got louder and more heated by the minute until Trixie calmly said ‘just teasing’ and wandered off.

Well my friend Rosey is not so forgiving when Trixie tries to put her down. One day we talking about Roseys cats, Fuzzeybut and Scruff and she was telling us what a comfort they are to her, especially as she lives alone. She says she talks to them and she genuinely believes they understand and answer in their own purring way. Well Trixie just had to be controversial and she piped up with the theory that all cats are lazy good-for-nothing spongers who feign affection only in order to get attention and a daily bowl of food.

Rosey glared at her eye to eye. Her cheeks flushed as the anger rose inside her, and then she bopped Trixie with a right hook to the nose. I think at last she finally got the message!


  1. What an exciting life you lead! All that bopping on the nose!

  2. I think there's likely a Trixie in every crowd - taking the contrary for the purpose raising the hackles.

    I have always enjoyed a spirited debate, as I feel they can bring many things into light that neither side understood about the other's point of view -- but they are only of benefit if those involved are reasonably versed in their position, and genuinely listen to the other person, in order to make relevant points.

    The close-minded 'spouters' are extremely annoying, and they advance nothing with regard to knowledge or understanding.

    What a waste of an opportunity to reach someone and to learn...

  3. feisty rosey. but trixie asked for that!

  4. Hee hee. Sometimes I like to be Trixie, but more often I wish I was Rosey. So many people just need a bop in the nose.

  5. I know a few Trixies - all have taken it on the nose from time to time.

  6. Hi Keith, I think you must have been drinking in my pub!

    Well told!

  7. I wasn't expecting that ending - but neither was Trixie I suspect! LOL

  8. that was a fitting end to a tale well told...:D



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