Thursday, October 23, 2008

are you talking about me?

Cows do nothing more than chew
and stand and stare
and pee and poo

Its when they fart that things go wrong
'cos methane gas
does more than pong

Did you know that a 200 hundred strong herd of cows sends into the atmosphere annually a similar amount of methane to the harmful emmisions produced by a family car being driven 120,000 miles using 21,000 gallons of fuel?

Since 1750 methane is thought to be responsible for one fifth of global warming – and it comes mainly from herds of cows in the developed world.

Trouble is we need our herds
for milk and meat
but not their turds

When you breakfast in the morning
just be aware -
that yoghurt adds to global warming


  1. Thanks for the eco friendly awareness Keith lol.

  2. I simply don't know why I read your blog BEFORE breakfast. Fair put me off me scrambled eggs! lol.

  3. this is soooo funny they way you wrote it...

  4. many moons ago i wrote a post that said,, if i belived in a god,, which i do not to date,, i would have to think him an idiot for creating pack animals in addition to his human creation that secreted methane gas that he knew full well would endanger the atmosphere that was so key to their own existence.....

    thus i have to wonder,,,, is it possible that everything is as it should be??

  5. Brilliant doesn't even come close....