Friday, August 22, 2008

The Dress - part six

This weeks prompt on Matinee Muse - Premonition
Last weeks ending - I’m disappointed with you Jane’ he said almost in a whisper. ‘I mean - you gave this dress away. Our dress. Our special dress’. She noticed he was crying
He threw the dress at her, turned and was gone. She rushed after him imploring him to come back. ‘I didn’t give it away’ she screamed. ‘Martin come back..Martin..Mart.......’ But he had disappeared into the night.

She wandered back into the cottage, her mind unable to make sense of the events of the last few minutes. The masked man. Where was he? Just a pool of blood remained where he had fallen. Then she noticed smudges of red on the wall and drops of blood on the floor leading towards her bedroom. She crept slowly towards the open door and peered into the room. He was nowhere to be seen. She ventured a few steps inside then suddenly a hand grabbed her ankle. She toppled backwards and fell crashing her head against the dressing table. Everything was swirling, spinning. Everything a blur. Somehow her eyes focused – just for one moment. His glassy eyes peered into hers just inches away.

From somewhere she found the strength to grab he mask and rip it away from his face. His face, a face she thought she would never see again. Her heart started pounding as the full horror of the moment came over her. She screamed a silent scream. ‘This can’t be happening’ she thought ‘Please God let this nightmare be a dream’. For this was a dream she had endured once before – a premonition perhaps. Only this time it wasn’t a dream. It really was happening.

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  1. Oh boy this is fantastic Keith. I love it when you do these thriller/suspense type writings.

    Have a great weekend xo

  2. Mate this is sooooooooooooooooooo

    wish i could write this good ya bastard!

    I said that in the best possible taste!

    Another wine my friend?

  3. i just love serial blogging.. please keep going....

  4. So the stalker is back! wonder what is going to happen next!

  5. I'm glad I read Rosey first. I'm still creeped out, but now I can go back to Rosey and get ok again.
    (I told you you'd come up with part 6!)



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