Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dress - part three

(Fiction) Friday wants us to write about a leopard print dress. This has given me the perfect opportunity to write a free standing story which fits well with the ones I have been writing for Matinee Muse

Many years ago, her ex husband had given her a leopard print dress. She never liked it; in fact the thought of wearing it filled her with horror. It was short – too short, with a plunging neckline and a nonexistent back. Tarty, nasty, and though it cost a small fortune, she felt it would make her feel cheap. When he brought it home she dare not say how she felt, but something in her face told him what she was thinking. He went into a sulk for days. She put away in her wardrobe and it never saw the light of day again nor was it ever mentioned.

Right now she was looking forward to a party. A crowd of friends from her gym were putting on an animal mask ball. She chose a fabulous image of a cat complete with golden whiskers which complimented her tumbling blonde locks. But what should she wear to complete her slinky feline image? Of course – the leopard print dress. Suddenly she had the perfect occasion to wear it.

The big night arrived. She laid it out on her bed, filled a bath with foaming water and laid back with a glass of champagne in her hand, and a smile on her face. The only sound was the gentle popping of bubbles. She hadn’t felt this calm for years.

A bang. She sat bolt upright. ‘Don’t be stupid’ she thought. Something must have rolled onto the floor. Her kitten must have walked across her dressing table and knocked something over. After all, she was locked in, there was nobody else there. But the magic was now gone.She went to her bedroom and was suddenly filled with terror. Someone had been there.

The dress was gone, and in its place was her kittens little silver collar.

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  1. scary!! what next?

    ps...just wondering *Right now he was looking forward to a party. should that be "she' ?

  2. Well spotted Suma, and thank you. I've now changed it.

    What next? I don't have the faintest idea!

  3. Your storeis are always full of surprises. How are you doing BTW keith

  4. Keith I swear my heart is pumping 60 miles an hour. I love it when you do thriller type writings. This is going to be as good as the bird one woot.

    MY goosepimples are finally going away. Love it. I want a personal copy when all is said and done with your signature attached lol.

  5. Keith this is fantastice. You are so talented *KB jealous*

  6. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

  7. *hides behind the computer* ugh!!! poor kitty! So when's the next installment?

  8. This was great. . . I REALLY wanted her to put that dress on though. . . You really brought me into her mind - first not liking the dress then getting so relaxed at the thought of putting in on. I wondered about all the thoughts going through her mind.
    Thanks. . .

    In the second to last paragraph it perhaps should read. . . Something must _____ have? rolled onto the floor.

    Loved it.

  9. Hi Keith - long time no read!

    Wow ... there is an ending that was very unexpected. We'd only been talking yesterday about shape changing ... and here it is.

    You are the master of the twist. I look forward to reading the other stories and I need to take a big deep breathe and jump into the Matinee writing prompts.

    I've got my own writing prompt running which is a musical prompt. Would love to have you stop by and writing something.

  10. I will never learn. Wander away from the computer for a week and you get all prolific on me.
    I love Bastable. I may have to do that with one of my dogs.
    This series of stories is scaring the bejeepers out of me. Well done. I bet you could sell it to a movie company.

  11. Wow! You did a lot in 5 minutes! My pale little one paragraph can hardly compare. GREAT job!!! I found your piece engaging and it pulled me right in! Love the little twist at the end. Like others, I'm looking forward to hearing how this one turns out.

    I posted my Friday challenge a little late, but it's up now. I invite you to stop by for a comment.

    That's my two pence...
    Arial ;)

    Arial Burnz - Romance Novelist & Artist



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