Monday, July 14, 2008

Give me time to think

Don’t rush me I’m not ready
The answer's hard to find
Don’t crowd me, you must understand
I can’t make up my mind

I need some time to work it out
I need more time to think
I need to spend some time alone
I’m teetering on the brink

But now the time has come to choose
A choice I have to make
My mind’s made up, no going back
I think I’ll have a steak



  1. This poem is me, through and through! And in the end it would be the steak!
    Perfect poem...cleverly done!

    Hugs Sherrie

  2. Would you make mine medium well please, and a bake potato. Loved this poem.

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  4. I never have to think because I so seldom have the opportunity for a steak (the Mountain Man is a vegetarian). The picture is making me drool on the keyboard.

  5. You come up with some classics Keith........

  6. Back in 1959, eight of us drove to Yugoslavia & back for a hol. The lads sampled the local cuisine wherever we were and Dickiebo had - 'Beef Steak mit Ei' (or something similar. Steak with an egg on top!)
    Must say, I've long harboured this wish to go to the States and have an 'American Breakfast' - Steak & all the trimmings!
    Nice taste (literally) Keith.

  7. Love the poem.....and the steak. My favourite.

  8. quite lyrical and fun... i enjoyed it...

  9. Wonderfully funny ending. I'm afraid I am a vegetarian so I will imagine it as a vegetarian equivalent.

    I've started a weekly poetry prompt on my website. You are more than welcome to participate.

    Poetry Prompt

  10. One of those instance when we are given only a little time to make a major decission that would affect the course of our dining experience.

    How wonderful you put it in words, keith, in a poem with a nice cadence to match the mood and the sense of urgency of the moment.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  11. I enjoyed this poem, Keith. It reminded me of someone..., until the steak came alone. Then I was pulled back to you. Did I ever tell you, "I love your humour"?