Thursday, June 19, 2008


'Here is this weeks prompt on (Fiction) Friday - Without looking it up, use the word Intaglio in your [Fiction]Friday entry- so I have!

I was wandering around Greenland one day, as you do, and I found myself in the Thule area. I was suddenly aware of snow. A lot of snow. Snow everywhere! So I got my Rough Guide out and thumbed through the pages, but I couldn’t find anything about the barren landscape that surrounded me. Okay, so I am a bit mean. I paid a lot of money for that little book, and I want to get my money’s worth from it. Just because it says Barbados on the cover shouldn’t mean I can’t use in other places too.

I nearly got knocked off my feet as a sledge flew past, pulled by a pack of dogs. I prepared myself for them to come rushing back again after they had fetched the ball which had presumably been thrown for them. They did come back, but this time they stopped alongside me.

There was a strange ball of fur on the sledge, and to my surprise a voice came from it! I then noticed two little eyes peering at me and realised that I was looking at an Eskimo!

“You won ‘otel?” the voice said.

“Well, actually, yes” I said.

“You stay Intaglio ‘otel” it said.

Ah, the Intaglio Hotel” I said. I stuck my nose back in my Rough Guide but the closest name I could find was the Intersun Hotel on Coconut Beach.

“Okay” I said

“Hop on” it said so I did.


Well, we slid along at breakneck speeds for a while, dodging the occasional snowman, and eventually arrived at a cluster of snow domes in front of which a neon sign displayed the words Snow Place Like Home.

“Are we there?” I asked

“Yes” the voice said.

“Where do I stay?” I asked

“Like I say – Intaglio 'otel”

“Where?” I say

“IN-TA-GLIO 'OTEL” It shouted.

Then mercifully a smartly dressed gentleman in a penguin suit appeared.

“May I be of assistance sir?” he said

“Ah yes” I answered. “Where exactly am I sleeping tonight?”

“In the Igloo Hotel sir” he said. “Third dome on the right”

Well, I've now looked Intaglio up but I'm not telling you what it means!


  1. *Snort*

    I suppose you could do a version of intaglio on an igloo.

  2. haha...a man in a penguin suit.. brought to mind some funny images.. I just looked up Intaglio.. you really have given life to an otherwise boring word!!! :)

  3. LOL too cute love this post your humor certainly shines in this piece great work.

  4. I crack up laughing. What a great story sliding with breakneck speed to the in ta glio otel. Love it

  5. So funny! I didn't see that coming, even with the penguin suit.

  6. it's funny, you use the word intaglio well

  7. I liked this a lot. Great take on the word.


  8. Keith,
    I love your humor. I love I was walking around Greenland, as one does... so funny.

    As usual, I was greatly entertained. Thank you!

  9. Nice punning their Keith! I love the "one size fits all" attitude to the travel guide too.



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