Thursday, June 12, 2008

He never had much luck

This week (fiction) friday have suggested we write about someone who suffers from bad luck! So here goes.
He quite enjoyed his meal. By his standards it had been something of a success. He always dreaded being invited out to restaurants because something always seemed to go wrong for him. But tonight was okay. As I said, it was okay - by his standards anyway!

He had decided to join his workmates at a Chinese restaurant. He liked Chinese food. Fortunately he liked all Chinese food because as usual, the meal that was served to him was not what he’d ordered! But he said nothing. It was very nice. He was quite a dab-hand with chopsticks. But the ones he was given were different lengths which caused him a bit of a problem. Well, it was more of a problem to his friends, as they were constantly being showered with egg fried rice and king prawns.

At the end of the meal a plate of orange segments were placed on the table. Now you expect to find the occasional pip in an orange. There was one in his. But they are not usually so hard that the chip your tooth! His was. Then the warm towels arrived. After fighting with the plastic bag in which it came he eventually opened it, but it was so hot it scalded his lips! But he kept smiling even though it was a little painful.

Then the fortune cookies appeared. Everyone opened theirs and compared notes. His resisted all attempts to give up its little piece of paper. He broke a finger nail in the process, and when it did eventually give in, the message it revealed forecast a run of bad luck rather than the cheery forecast he was used to receiving.

But overall it was a definite improvement on previous restaurant trips. His chair hadn’t collapsed, the waiter hadn’t dropped a bowl of soup in his lap, and he hadn’t choked on a chicken bone.

Perhaps his luck was changing for the better.


  1. OMG remind me never to stand next to a person like this. I have enough bad luck so to speak to be next to one whose bad luck is worse than mine lol........

  2. I had that meal, fortunately not recently. But I don't do chopsticks.
    Very funny.

  3. hahaha.. I am absolutely terrified of chop sticks!!! There is something for you at my blog!

  4. Interesting that he seems to go through this alone in spite of being surrounded by others. Nice touch...Also love the "by his standards" too. This says a lot about his character.

  5. Reading this reminded me of the phrase

    "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."

  6. chopsticks are a tool for the coordinated- I'm not lucky with them at all.
    very nice the way you explained how things going wrong were his expectation and at the end his outlook was very different.
    good post

  7. sounds like he expects worst things to happen and it seem to cheer him up when it didn't get worst but these does sound bad to me, he seem to enjoy the meal though

  8. This was so funny...just a particularly bad day it seems.


    thank you for the comment. Etta will be around for a while.

  9. It seems fortune spins retrograde in his world. Nicely written.

  10. Poor guy... but very funny story. You have such a hand with humor.

    I hate getting a bad fortune too - always such a bummer!

    I added you to my blogroll on Chefdruck Writes!

  11. Ahhh he should stay home and cook. he might actually enjoy it.



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