Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm not so sure

This weeks prompt on Writers Island is 'Questionable'.

I love a conspiracy theory. Particularly when my reasoned judgement coincides with that of the conspirator’s.

But let’s get one out of the way. There are people today who still believe that Princess Diana was ‘disposed of’ by a certain member of the Royal Family. This is one conspiracy theory that I am unable to subscribe to. Let’s just think about it. It would have been so easy to place a marksman in the building opposite if Diana was to have been killed that night. Consider this (a) what were the chances of the driver being under the influence of alcohol on that night (b) Diana not wearing a seat belt and (c) the driver colliding with a wall. Certainly the most clumsy and flawed assassination plot ever. So let’s sideline that one!

But I have two favourite conspiracy theories. The first concerns the sinking of the Titanic. I think the whole story is questionable. On September 20th 1911, its sister ship the Olympic was involved in a collision with the naval cruiser HMS Hawke. The circumstances of the accident were such that it was not possible for White Star Line to make a claim for the damage to their liner from their insurance company. The Titanic was still under construction at the time, but when it was due to be launched it was decided to swap over the names of the two vessels. The Olympic was patched up , renamed Titanic, then sent to sea on its ‘maiden voyage’ and deliberately sailed into an iceberg. The lack of sufficient lifeboats was an unfortunate oversight in the design of this supposedly unsinkable ship. After the accident the insurance company paid out for the loss of the ‘Titanic’ and the ‘Olympic’ (nee Titanic) sailed on.

The two ships had slightly different porthole configurations, and photographs of the two ships at the time clearly showed the shapes and positions of the portholes reversed. I rest my case.

I mentioned two conspiracy theories. Given that the majority of my visitors are based in the USA, I am a little reluctant to bring up my second topic. So I’ll say it quickly in the hope you don’t notice. I think the Moon Landing on July 20th 1969 was a hoax. An elaborate studio set-up in which the producers failed to realise that a flag wouldn’t flutter, and shadows wouldn’t appear as they were portrayed. Sort of a ‘ba-hoo we got there first’ gesture to the USSR.

I would be very interested to receive your comments – on the Titanic that is! Given that 89% of Americans are convinced that the moon landing actually happened, I could be out here on my own on that one!


  1. I am with you about that moon landing.

    In my country, if anyone ever sneezed, it was used to be said a foreign hand was involved.


  2. Oh, I just had soooo much fun right now reading your April poems. Thanks a lot for the effort; you pulled it through in a very elegant way!

  3. I guess 'worse things' really do 'happen at sea'.

  4. Well, I'm big on conspiracy theories. Not that I believe them, but that they tell us so much about ourselves and the west. Infact, I've got a whole sub-domain on my blog about them. If you're interested, you want It's Under Control on my Blogroll.
    I've studied them for years. Western governments actually love them 'cos they stop people thinking about what's REALLY going on.

  5. My mother-in-law always used to say that the moon landing was a hoax, but she didn't really believe that. It did tend to work as a conversation starter though.

  6. Keith,

    With all the new discoveries, and articles, and documentaries coming out that threaten the accuracy of the written history, I would not be surprise if your theories would prove to be true.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  7. Oh Keith, Diana is alive and well and living with me. She said something about being fed up will all the @#$$%^ or something like that. As for the moon landing, well I have been there on at least 5 occasions and the mooners there are terrific and helpful.

    As for the Titanic of course it never sank how could it.... it was only a movie!

    Some people ....I don'tknow!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.....always appreciated.....

  8. moon landing.. I am not sure if we should worry about that so much..when we have the earth here with so much of problems isn't it :)

  9. Now look, considering that Elvis is alive and well and never left the building (he's in a newsagent on 7th Avenue most days), I've learned never to believe anything I read. Unless, of course, it's written by my own hand.

    Enjoyed the post:)

  10. haha It's so funny! I saw a movie years ago, whre they showed the whole moon landing was a hoax and ever since I've doubted the event! ( what was the name of that movie keith??) I will try to remember.. maybe Mr. Petals knows.
    As for Diana, I agree...there would have been much simpler ways to go about it!
    good post buddy.

  11. I am always ready to believe a conspiracy theory as well, but I'm with you about poor Diana. It was just a horrible accident. I remember staying up all night to watch her wedding (she was a year older than I am), and I still have a crystal stein engraved with their names and the wedding date that a friend brought back from her summer abroad.

    I watched the moon landing (or thought I did) but you do bring up valid points. Personally I don't much care, because if we can't live there it seems a bit pointless to keep spending money we don't have on it.

    And you didn't mention this one, but I think Lee Harvey Oswald was set up.

  12. Keith dear detective you brought forwards some good points in these cases. Not sure about the moonlanding either

  13. Keith great post. Maybe now you will put me to work. I guess I will have to do some research you got me thinking. Great post.



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