Friday, June 27, 2008

Casper our Curious Cat

This weeks prompt on Wrtiters Island is Curiosity
He was born too soon. They said he wouldn’t make, but he did.

In his second year he was curious about the big wild world and wandered out of the house and got lost. He was missing for days and was given up for lost. But a few weeks later he appeared again as if nothing had happened.

When he was three he wondered if he could fly. He leapt out of very high tree, discovered he couldn’t, but somehow landed on his feet.

As a four year old he was a little adventurous. He thought he could chase dogs. But he was wrong, and one day a dog turned on him. He was badly mauled but eventually he pulled through.

His is fifth year was quite a difficult one. He was unwell for months after sampling some tasty looking rat poison on a neighbours farm. We were told to expect the worst but against all odds he recovered.

Six years old and enjoying independence. He would walk down the street, head in the air, king of everything he surveyed. But one day he was wondered what it was like on the other side of the street and walked in front of a car. How he survived we’ll never know.

When he was seven he should have known better. We’ll never know why he decided to attack a little bird which was sitting on a ledge outside an open window – two stories up!

He was eight years old when he decided to investigate the inside of a clothes dryer. Unfortunately he was fast asleep on a pile of warm damp clothes when it was switched on! But he was spotted just in time and jumped out dizzy and hot, but unharmed!

He was a typical nine year old and simply had to explore. That was fine until one day he went down a fox hole and got stuck. It was days before a gamekeeper came across him and set him free.

He would have been ten this year. He wanted to know how it felt to swim. He discovered too late that he couldn’t. His curiosity eventually killed him.

Now, all we have to remember him by is a mound of soil between some flowers in the garden, with a little cross made from a couple of bits of wood sticking out of the top. A little plaque simply says ‘Casper our Curious Cat’


  1. casper the curious cat who decided to test all his nine lives....

  2. omg keith.. is this for real??? heavenly days how did the owner ever survive the vet bills??? one simple foxtail up the dogs nostril and i am out over $400.00!!!!!

  3. That is what I want to know, is this story real? Cats are such curious creatures. We have one called fluffy, he doesn't mind the name so much as he's been neutered lol.

    He is king of lions around here, chases the ladies around swatting at their backsides when they try to steal a bite of his tucker.

    Loved loved the story

  4. Casper lived a full and magnificent life, Keith, and for that he is remembered.

    I like the simple epitaph that tells his life. His memories are engraved and immortal in your heart.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  5. They don't always learn by their curiosity. Once, while driving, I hit a cat. Took it to it's owner who I knew. He said 'she may not pull through this time - she's been hit eight times before.'

  6. I just have a feeling that - Casper'l be back!

  7. Well, he certainly lived his lives - which is more than can be said for many people.

  8. I guess he really did have nine lives. He must have kept you well on your toes that one.

  9. Amongst all my animals we have experienced every last one of those events. And yes, Paisley, I'm STILL paying for some of those accidents.
    But really, a foxtail up a nostril? I'm hoping that's a plant.
    Even if Caspar isn't real, it's a very nice tribute.

  10. Ahhh what a wonderful post this was. Sorry for the loss of your cat but he sure did keep you on your toes.

  11. What an amazing story! Cats certainly like to push boundaries! And I bet Caspar believed he had the best life ever, full of adventure!

  12. There was me thinking Casper was a ghost!

  13. sometimes we run out of our chances in life..may be casper ran out of his too..a very well told story



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