Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does it drive you mad?


Let’s do a survey! I would like to know your view on something and there’s no time like the present!

There are a few things which irritate me when I visit blogs. Top of the list is those funny wiggly letters which you have to copy before posting a comment. I can never seem to get them right first time, especially those nasty ones on Blogger. I work on the principle ‘three strikes and I’m out’. There’s no way I’ll try four times to get through the security cordon – no way at all! I go to someone else’s blog instead.

Then there are those ones which only allow you to add your comment using your Google account rather than letting you to enter your name and URL in the way you wish to present it. I have about eight Blogger sites and if anyone were to click on my name when I’ve used my Google account for access, they will have no idea which site is which.

Thirdly, and the main reason for this post, is to get your views on background music which is forced on you as soon as you enter some blogs. I for one normally listen to a CD, of half watch TV when on my computer, and sometimes – not always – I find this unsolicited music something of an intrusion. I can now hear you pointing out that I have tunes in the background playing right now. I admit it – I am employing double standards here.

So what I need to know is, have I done the right thing in incorporating my playlist, or are you even now finding it a bit off-putting?

Over to you de-dum-de-dum-de-dum
Update! I've noted all the comments and have decided to remove my playlist. I will post music, but only when it adds something to my posts, but you dear reader will have the choice whether to listen or not! Thanks so much for your input.


  1. You made a valid point about word verification thing. Worst is when bloggers have the that with comment moderation. My question is, if you are so paranoid, why blog?

    I simply don't visit those blogs.

    Frankly music too puts me off, mainly becos it takes a long time to load and I lose interest to comment. And why force me to listen to YOUR oplay list?

    And I don't mean you. I mean every one who does it!

  2. Thats so true, with those word verification thing...and if an error in the comment box is around, then you'll have to go through that damn thing again...and its irritating..
    Music is ok as long it doesn't start on auto play. If the option to start the music or pause it, is given to the readers, it would help quite a bit. :D

  3. Other people's music is a right turn-off to me. (Sorry, pal, but yours especially!!!!).
    I give people the choice of switching on if they want to. Doubt that many do, as they wouldn't be on the site long enough for the music to be meaningful.
    Word verification drives me nuts and I do what you do - only not so patient! If I don't get it first time, then I usually leave it.

  4. okay Keith, I love surveys! I do find all those squiggly letters impossible and time consuming, is there a way to get rid of them? For that matter, does my blog ask for them? please let me know. I have no idea how to get rid of them if I can! It's funny you talk about the music, I just recently put playlist on, because I wanted certain songs to go with certain blog posts, YET it IS something that drives me crazy! ( If I don't want to hear it, I just lower it ) haha I guess I should delete that whole idea, It also makes blogs load slower, no?
    I would love to ask dickiebo... How to give people the choice??
    Please someone tell me if my blog is doing annoying, slow or weird things... I have felt a decline in visitors... GEE could it be just ME being annoying??

  5. I don't do the word verification because I don't get spam, but some of the blogs I read are popular enough that they do. I don't really mind, but like you I often have to type it in twice (I get stuck on your images site fairly often, actually). But that's OK. And normally I just have the speakers turned off, when I blog but today they happened to be on and I was quite delighted when I opened your blog and Sarah Brightman was singing. I don't notice it takes any longer to load, but I do have DSL. I wouldn't even attempt to blog if I had dialup.
    Uh, did I answer the question? Sometimes I start babbling and forget what I'm doing.

  6. Usually, I blog with the mute button on, as I find it kind of annoying if, as you've said, I'm already listening to something or watching t.v.
    Now the word verification is really hard for me sometimes. I give up if I don't get it after 2 tries or I ask my daughter to read it to me. It can be sort of frustrating.
    Take care

  7. Well, I have to agree with you about the limited choice on entering your information the way you choose. I've actually entered a comment just to scroll down and only have that option. The swiggly (I think that word is funny) letters are okay because the purpose--to keep spam down. The third, the background music, doesn't really bother me since I usually keep the mute button on. So, you're not completely alone.

  8. The verification squiggly letters makes you pull out your hair.
    I don't mind music as long as it is not heavy metal or so but than you can always mute it.

  9. I disliked music widgets on blogs I ran out and got one. I love double standards almost more than I love widgets. But, I don't have my music on automatic start ... rather if you want to listen you can. I change the music once in a while and let people know when I do ... I'm sure most people don't listen to it. But I like it.

    I'm with you on the comment thing tho, but I turn mine on when I get a lot of spam, then when the spam dies down I turn it off again.

  10. I hate the squiggly letters and I truly hate the music in the background. Why? Well because sometimes I don't get the letters right and it is frustrating and then, the music is just distracting. However I think if you want to have your playlist on your blog and people can scroll through and listen as they choose now that is a nice option. Just my thoughts.

  11. I'm not a fan of squigglers either, but I understand why some people do it (like if they've had a problem with spammers).

    I used to have comment moderation but that was before I knew better.

    I like music, but I don't like it if it slows the page load down.

    I do love Keith's Ramblings though.


  12. Expect to hear from my solicitors, sir! As soon as he comes out of the pub. Gross misrepresentation. 'I've got a brand new combined harvester' indeed. lol.



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