Sunday, April 06, 2008

poem6 - it's all go!

Alarm clock rings
Jump out of your skin
Hop out of bed
Leap in the shower
Drag on some clothes
Put on some slap

Coffee too hot
Scald your mouth
Burn the toast
Trip over the cat

Rush out the door
Run down the road
Into the station
Squeeze on the train
One hour later
Get off again

Fly to the office
Sit at the desk
Stare at the screen
Answer the phone
Do that and this
Nip out for lunch
Go back to work
Start over again

Time to go home
Stand on the train
Pushed and jostled
Get off gain

Open the door
Look at the mail
Pour a large drink
Collapse on the couch
Let out

A deep





  1. I feel like relaxing after reading this great post Keith.

  2. I used to have days like that, except I had to do the driving. And people continue to ask me if I miss going to work outside the home. sheesh.

  3. Keith, I saw that you were participating in NaPoWriMo over on ReadWritePoem and that you still don't get poetry. I think that maybe subconsciously you do. Your poem for today illustrates the perfect marrying of form and content - the breathless pace followed by the slowing down at the end. I joined in last year but didn't make it all the way through the month.

  4. oh i wanna relax too ...if only i could, too busy for my own good.