Tuesday, April 22, 2008

poem23 - faith hope and charity

Triplet sisters I once wooed
but one I wanted more
I think I fell in love with Hope
or was it Faith?
I never was quite sure

One day I spoke to Charity
At least I think I did
I said I loved
her sister Hope
and this is what I said

‘Hope will never love me
I think she’s heaven sent’’
‘Have faith’ she said
I'm still not sure
exactly what she meant!


  1. OOOO I think Faith has something for you. LOL. What a great post.

  2. i really loved this...how you come with something diffrent everyday is beyond me!!!... :)

    and the pic is perfect!!!

  3. My money's on Faith, yep. lol Love the poem, love the photo, love it all.

    Cheers from Manila! ;)

  4. This is very clever, but I really want that pot sitter.

  5. Oh this is my favourite so far.

  6. This is so clever and I love the illustration posted with it! Great job!

    Hugs Sherrie

  7. what a beautiful message...love it