Saturday, April 12, 2008

poem13 - the london marathon

It’s marathon day in London town
thousands of athletes running round
Past London Tower and Catherines Dock
timing themselves against the clock

Buckingham Palace and past Big Ben
Westminster Abbey, Greenwich, then
Tower Bridge and the Cutty Sark
hoping to finish before it gets dark

My preparation’s all been done
I thought this day would never come
Now I feel I’m finally ready
to pull up a chair and watch it on telly!


  1. Oh and there was I thinking you were going to take part.
    I manage to catch the winners and, as usual, had tears in my eyes. I find it very emotional.

  2. ah - the armchair athlete! Clever poem.

  3. LOL Cheers to that Keith. Get your drink ready and the remote relax cause it will be exhausting when it is done lol. Great post.

  4. heh..heh..take care can get pretty exhausting!!!

  5. Ha!

    You got me with this one. :^)