Monday, March 31, 2008

30 poems? I must be mad!


I was recently set a challenge by UL to write a poem a day during April.
My somewhat negative views on poetry are well documented, but I'm never one to turn down such a chance, so from tomorrow I guess I'll have to put my thinking hat on and start!
In the meantime I'm having a practice lap so to speak! These are my thoughts.

Thirty poems she asked for
So thirty poems she’ll get.
At least that’s the plan
I will if I can
A decision I might just regret!

Some verse will have to be funny
And others a little bit sad
Some will be long
Some will go wrong
Some will be horribly bad.

Tomorrows the day I have to start
In twenty four hours I’ll begin
I’ll give it a shot
It’s rather a lot
My head is starting to spin.

Thirty days in April
A poem every day
What shall I write?
It’s gonna be tight
Roll on the first of May!



  1. Whatever's the game
    though not tame
    Pull out your thoughts
    And give it your lots.
    I'm sure you're going to
    Do poetic justice to the same

  2. Hey Keith, you are way way ahead already, I am wondering where I will find te time to fit it in...

    Since April is the National poetry month, lots of sites host a poem a day concept, some of the places I get my incentive is the following links- you are familiar with poets here, most of whom play at WI and SS -

    So good luck and am so glad you took up the challenge, I knew you wouldnt able to resist one and I know you would do excellent, you already write beautifully, I should say poem beautifully :)

    Take care :) UL

  3. Hey there sir,

    This is a wonderful start to the poem a day. Also I have left you the friendship award on my blog just go retrieve it. xxoo

  4. wowie...this is going to be addictve...

    roll on...we'll be cheering... er reading...:)

  5. Yay, so far so good. Keep up the good work sweetie.



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