Monday, January 14, 2008

Writers Island - Treasure part 2

‘Let’s play pirates’ said John to Jack
‘Let’s pretend the garden's an island.
Let’s look for treasure,
there’s bound to be some.
Let’s get a spade and a sack’

'Twelve steps forward and two steps right.
Look for a bush and hide'.
‘We have to be quiet,
don’t make a noise.
Look out for something that's bright’.

‘Watch out - a tiger’ says Jack to John
Cat stops and stares then walks off
‘I see a parrot
there in the hedge’
A gull flapped its wings and was gone.

Crawling round on their hands and their knees
They look for a probable spot
‘This is the place
I know that it is’
Hidden by bushes and trees.

They made a big hole, and burrowed and dug
And pulled out the stuff that they found.
Rusty old nails
A bit of a plate
A handle that fell off a mug.

‘When dad sees this mess he won’t be pleased.
He’ll make us walk the plank.
‘cos yesterday
he planted seeds
and now we’ve dug them up!
For Treasure part 1 click here!


  1. this does bring an image of my two boys at the beach...they dug up so many treasures that i had to leave some behind...

    i loved this...keith...another one for the yet to be published collection ;)

  2. haha.. i am still laughing.. this was sooo cute!! Sounds like something my son would do..
    That was a wonderful take on the topic.. I loved the spirit the pace and the story in the poem!! Lovely!!!

    The Treasure

  3. LOL I love this post very much and I can see that these kids treasures are right there with them in their imaginations and not to mention Dad's garden. Great piece.

  4. just came back to say that i so could not believe when you said that you never read till you were 40...well, all i can say, finally there is hope for my husband! :)

  5. Oh kids are living in such an adventure word. You cptured that treasure very well. Happy to read your treasures again. Hop quickly to part 1

  6. Very well said, Keith!!!!!
    Great little work of art!

  7. I know those boys - but they are midddle aged men now. Thank you for your visit Keith and I hope you can find your way back.

  8. Ohmigosh! What fun this is! A big smile - full of treasure, it is!

  9. So much fun reading this - and the photo is adorable. Your post is a treasure!

  10. I enjoyed reading this - especially the last verse.

  11. haha!! that is soo cute and funny! Totally brought back my 3 monkeys always playing dress up, always digging into something they shouldn't!
    Children and their imaginations... Certainly treasures. :))

  12. heh heh! Lovely!! Reminded me of R.L.Stevenson's poems.

  13. Oh what a lovely treasure this poem is ... I found myself smiling from ear to ear as my mind filled up with happy childhood memories

    Thank you for that

  14. Adorable, I could see this read as a
    bedtime story with lovely illustrations! It was magical, with a giggle at the end!

    Hugs Sherrie

  15. heh perfect....boys day out !! Am still giggling thinking of the kids at work on their treasure....

  16. Very nice...oh to be young and carefree again..sure makes me want to be a child :)

  17. Nice one Keith, that takes me back to my dressing up days - I'm still smiling now!

  18. That was a fun story. I need to go read part 1.

  19. Children are treasures and your poem proves that. Reminds me of those two rascals of mine.


  20. that was good...made me laugh...the pic definitely enhanced your poem..being a garden i would be very upset too!!!