Monday, November 19, 2007

Writers Island - The Dream

We live two lives. Two different lives. During our waking hours we go about our daily toil. We work, we play. We do the things we have to do. Every day. Circumstances determine our direction yet we ultimately dictate our own destiny.

We have another world. A world which we escape to. A world we enter when we sleep. One which exists only in our mind . One in which the people we meet are unaware that we have met. And the impossible happens. The dream.

Last night I was a teacher.
Last week I went to Spain
Last month I led an orchestra
Last year I flew a plane.

In my dreams I can be anyone. Anything. Anywhere!

Some dreams delight but others scare. There is a thin line between bliss and the stuff of nightmares. Some mornings I awake frustrated that my alarm has interrupted a magic adventure. Sometimes relief when I find my torment was unreal.

The dream - an inspiration to writers of songs. ‘In dreams I walk with you’ ‘Sweet dreams are made of this’ ‘Dream lover where are you’

‘I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine any time night or day. The only trouble is - gee wiz- I’m dreaming my life away’

The dream inspired the idealists and visionaries of our time. ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character’

I had a dream the other night
A dream that made me scared
I had a dream , I had a fright
A dream I wish I’d shared.

Dreams can be vivid. Often the gulf between reality and the imaginary can blur. Did I go there, or did I dream it? Did I say that? I hope I dreamt it. Why did I do that? I wish I’d dreamt it.

The other night I dreamt I fell,
and fell and fell into a well.
Faster faster down I dropped'
but then I woke,
my falling stopped.

Two lives - two worlds.

My story continues! The Stranger - part 5


  1. I am early reading this but I wanted to comment while I was on. This is an awesome write Keith. I love the way you bring it together to give me as a reader a pause to validate the truth of this thought, we are indeed several things or visit different places or adventure to other horizons within our dreams.

    Fantabulous!! :o) yes, I know it's misspelled, it's my combination of two words that describe you!

  2. What a dream sir. You keep dreaming and I will keep listening to any of the ones you wish to share with me.

  3. So true, Keith!
    Great post, and I am not the only dreamer!

  4. Keith this is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great post and so true. In our dreams we can be anyone or anything we wish.

    And don't we all wish?

  6. Whatever had to be said has been already said!!! dreams are also something so personal...and you've written it very well...
    **Two lives - two worlds*** how very true :))

  7. ‘I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine any time night or day. The only trouble is - gee wiz- I’m dreaming my life away’

    that brought back some fine memories.....

  8. Re: your two worlds. My son told me once that (according to the professor of a class he was taking) that there is one way to determine which of the two worlds is real and which is not; if your bed, your refrigerator, your chair, your car, etc are all in the same place, then THAT is reality.


  9. I love how you take us through all the realms of dreaming, asleep and awake! I got in trouble once in grade school for telling a dream that I thought was real... thank you!

  10. Oh yeah, two different worlds, I can relate to that. I can also relate to the anyone-any place - anytime concept, yet isnt reality by itself really a dream? Life is just a dream where we go through birth and death cycle, and then the dream ends...yet we call it two words, two worlds when it's one and the same. Ah.. your post threw me in many directions, thank you.

  11. So well told - those worlds that combine and split...Nice post!

  12. Good job covering so much ground. I loved this! I'm savoring it and if it is in my dreams tonight it is all because it was so well done.

  13. I love that I can be and do anything in my dreams! Great explanation with a nice flow to it......

    I enjoyed your piece very much.

    now, I'm off to do some dreamin'.

  14. Hey sir are you around right now?

  15. I Love how you told this story!! what wonderful references, they brought back great memories of speeches and songs! This was so creative and entertaining! I am often frustrated by my clock interrupting a dream I am dying to finish!
    thanks so much for visiting me, it allowed me to find you and enjoy this post! :)

  16. This is really quite imaginative and well formatted! Hail to Dreams!

  17. That was a nice little trip through dreamworld. Falling dreams are the worst for me so I loved the humor and relief expressed in the last one.



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