Friday, November 30, 2007


Spears of silver sunlight
Shoot through naked trees
Lighting up the leaf strewn lane
that flickers in the breeze.

A squirrel scurries cross the track
A rabbit sits and stares
A pigeon sways upon a branch
A red fox stands and glares.

High in the sky, unbroken blue,
a perfect v of geese.
On distant hill a flock of sheep
Wrapped in winter fleece.

Red holly berries, mistletoe,
Ivy climbs stone walls.
Dormant plants and sleeping flowers
Wait til springtime calls.

November days, brief spells of sun
Evenings front a fire of logs
November nights of crackling frost
Misty dawns and frozen bogs.

Winter’s here
Spring can wait
Now’s the time to hibernate.


  1. Ahhh beautiful. Did someone say hybernate? Pass me a blanket and pillow please.

  2. spear of silver sunlight shoot through naked trees. Did you write this? it is so so beautiful.

  3. Jadey - Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm trying to sleep!

    Marja - I did write it! Sometimes I surprise myself!

  4. Such beautiful images!
    I love this Keith, my kind of winter scene!!!!

    (thank you for letting me play with your spider, heehee!)

  5. <a href="">UL</a>30 Nov 2007, 02:34:00

    "High in the sky, unbroken blue,
    a perfect v of geese.
    On distant hill a flock of sheep
    Wrapped in winter fleece."

    Really loved these lines, it does make me want to enjoy winter. :) Yet to get my husband to look at that vehicle.!


  6. This is beautiful Keith. It's warmingup in NZ now so I won't be hibernating just yet.

  7. Really nice, Keith. (Must be if Dickiebo likes it!!). I think the last verse is sheer poetry, and will undoubtedly be quoted by some of us!!!!!in our blogs. Perhaps it should be put to music.
    "Winter's here,
    Spring can wait.
    Now's the time to hibernate."

  8. Wow, are you sure you aren't living next door? Perfectly suited to our weather here on the West Coast of Canada! Beautifully spoken, loved the rhythm!

  9. Read that through three times and each time I liked it more - gotta love hibernation.

  10. Lovely poem with spectacular rhythm. I could flow right along without stopping to wonder, "What does he mean by this?" Just the way I like poetry.

  11. that is so visual & so beautiful!

    So much removed from fever and fret!

    So calm and peaceful!

    Very well picturised Keith!

  12. Keith wonderful wonderful!! I love it.