Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beaujolais Nouveau 2007

This week saw the launch of Beaujolais Noveau 2007. The third Thursday of November each year is the day this very young red wine is made available to markets in Europe and the Far East.

Although not as popular as it was a few years ago, it remains a unique event in the viticulture calendar. It is one of the only wines that goes on sale just weeks after pressing, and is a good indicator as to the quality of the wines from this years vintage. Unfortunately this particular wine has something of an image problem Too often the wine is of poor quality having not had the benefit of a period of maturing. Having said that, 2007 seems a very good year in which to gain back a little of the status is once enjoyed.

Until quite recently a race was held each year. The aim was to be the first to get a bottle of Nouveau from France to the UK. The RAF were frequent winners using a Harrier jump jet to deliver a bottle right into London’s Trafalgar Square!

Tonight at our pub we held an evening with a French theme during which a sample of this years vintage was offered to all who took part. We produced a menu to suit the occasion which included French onion soup, baked camembert fondue, coq au vin, and sole poached in cider with scallops and mussels. All this was followed by a selection of deserts of which the most popular where Tart Tatin and crepes suzette.
One of our waitresses, Tia, donned a French maids outfit and barman Richard glued a very fetching moustache and beard to his face!

All in all, a most satisfactory - if a little tiring - nights work!


  1. It looks as though the staff took to the whole french theme and had themselves some fun as well. I am glad this night was a success for you as well as the staff and restaurant. Cheers and congrats.

  2. Theme night! What a great way to get repeat customers and fun to boot.

    Keith I have just given you and Jadey the Attitude award that Marja honoured me with because you two have the bestest attitude I know.

  3. I work in a very competitive business and theme nights are one of keeping ahead of the opposition.

    Gimme - thank you so much.I am truly honoured. I am now officially blogger with attitude! Al I have to do now is to ensure I remain worthy his accolade.

  4. Oh I love wine and dressing up. Send me an invite next year.


    BTW the Mike Gayle book looks interesting. I think I'll pick up a copy.

  5. Wine, cheese, fruit, want to go on a picnic!!!!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun Keith. Have a great Monday today.

    Many hugs sent your way.

  6. oh look it me as a french maid wat a wicked night that was and richard with his beard lol



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