Saturday, November 10, 2007

Amazing anagrams!

Take a few words and arrange the letters in a different order. It’s surprising what comes out!

Eleven plus two - twelve plus one

Dormitory -dirty room

Presbyterian -best in prayer

Astronomer - moon starer

Desperation - a rope ends it

The eyes - they see

Gauteng - get a gun

The morse code - here come dots

Slot machines - cash lost in me

Animosity - is no amity

Election results - lies, let’s recount

Snooze alarms - alas, no more z’s

A decimal point - I’m a dot in place

The earthquakes - that queer shake

Mother in law - woman Hitler

And finally -

George Bush - he bugs Gore!


  1. I enjoyed these very very funny sir. :)

  2. Used to do this with my students' names. Only one I remember is a beautiful ballerina type, Sharyn Moore,
    who came out as Harmony Rose--or Harmony Eros, take your pick. For myself I had to resort to added punctuation. Thus Kerry Michael Wood became "'Old rake!' I cry. 'Who? ME?'"

  3. Great post Keith.
    Thanks for sharing and stopping in at my blog.
    Waving at you from New York,

  4. Yes! I've seen these before...they're great!