Sunday, October 21, 2007

We ALMOST retained the Rugby World Cup!

Ok. I know. We lost. Our chariot swung a little lower than we had hoped this evening.

But we did lose to a first class team. South Africa’s Springboks were quite simply better than England once again. At least the defeat was not as bad as the one we suffered at their hands at the beginning of the contest. That time they trounced us 36-0. At least tonight’s 15-9 was a little more respectable.

Just after half time we thought we had scored the try which would have put us in front. The crowd in my pub leaped to their feet and roared with delight. Rightly or wrongly it was disallowed, and somehow the fighting spirit took a bit of a dampening.

So tomorrow we have another chance of world victory when Lewis Hamilton makes his bid for the World Formula One motor racing championship. First or second place in Brazil will secure it, and for a young driver in his first season, winning will be a remarkable achievement.


  1. Hi there, I see you read little wing. You may be interested on reading my latest post I've just dedicated to her.

  2. Before you tell me, we lost the Grand Prix too! Not a good weekend!

  3. Oh sorry to hear of the losses but better luck next time.

  4. I think they don't a fine job but don't tell anyone I said that.