Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Stranger . Part 2

Two weeks ago it was inconceivable that he would be lying in a grave today. So young, so vibrant. So full of life.

Why did he suddenly leave home? After all, he had everything he ever wanted. A loving wife and two doting children. A circle of friends that adored him. And a life most people could only dream about.

But something had been occupying his mind. He had seemed distant and ill at ease. He started talking about his funeral. Not just talking about it, but planning every detail. The music, the guest list. His collection of fine wines which he built up over many years, was to be enjoyed and appreciated. It had to be truly appreciated.

And strangest of all, he said he would be there to make sure all of his wishes were honoured.

He said his friends and family would miss him when he was gone. Only then would they appreciate him.

A few days ago he didn’t come home. He was found with his life drained from him in a wood a few miles from home. What had happened was a mystery. Had he been attacked? It didn’t seem so. Had he taken his own life? It didn’t look like it, and why should he anyway?

On the morning of the funeral the sun shone. It was still. It was quiet. Nothing moved except a large glossy black bird which was strutting up and down the fence close to the front door of the house.

His wife sat motionless with a child under each arm. They silently sobbed.

Suddenly a wind began to swirl around the garden. It whistled through the half opened window.

For a moment she was sure she heard him. “I’ll never leave you and you can never leave me” a breathy voice seemed to say. But then again it was probably just the wind playing tricks with her mind.

Then it became calm again. The bird flapped it’s wings and flew up into the sky. Up and up and up it went . Higher and higher until it was gone.

Click here for Part 3


  1. This story just keeps getting better as it goes along. Nice job Keith.

  2. More, more! I wouldn't mind reading the book.

  3. Keith are you composing a novel. You had me at People began looking over their shoulders!

    I got my package Keith!!!! Thank you for such a delightful European experience. I made the scones the moment I got home and ate the preserves with it. Bellisimo!!

    Don't forget to email me your shirt size. I posted a comment below somewhere that you had won my contest.

  4. Thanks for the follow up. Very exciting story. Still laves me with questions. Love that the bird was back again.

  5. excellent continuation,, but could you link to the first part for ease of navigation????

  6. I love the way you are binding her to him even after death.

    This is shaping up to be a really great story Keith.

  7. I am sad after reading this, more questions unanswered, hope this isnt the end? More please? :)

  8. Wo! great part 2. But who was the man at the funeral? Is he the bird and the man? I am hoping to read more... great spookieness for this week.

  9. And here was I expecting closure. Get writing, please (GRIN).

  10. eerie and beautiful at the same time :-)



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