Sunday, September 16, 2007

Calling all writers!

I’ve come across an interesting site for writers. It’s a cross between Helium and a blog! It’s called

It’s been running over a year, so it’s bit more established than Helium and seems to have more authors writing and posting. It also pays out based on the number of reads and other factors. And you receive a percentage of earnings of people who join as a result of your referral.

But that is where the similarity ends.

Firstly, you are able to post images with your articles - either your own pics, or those from elsewhere. Another feature Helium members have been asking for, is the facility to comment directly under the article and chat with the author. You’ll find it here.

There is a forum, but it’s not as user friendly as Helium’s. But then not everyone uses them - I have more or less dropped out of the Helium community boards recently.

If you are interested click on this -

Then if you join I’ll get commission of 5% of what you are your earning! And I’ll also be cracking the whip to make sure you are writing bankable pieces!

Anyway, it’s worth a look. All I can say is that since I pasted several of my Helium articles there, the comments have been non stop and very useful.


  1. I looked this over and loved it and signed up for it as well.

  2. Looks very interesting Keith. Think I may well give it a go. Thanks :)

  3. I'm earning quite well now. It'll never replace Helium, but it's a good second string. Look forward to seeing you both there