Monday, August 13, 2007

Very moving adverts!

Years ago, clothing manufacturers placed their name on a label inside the garment. Today, you are more likely to see their name emblazoned across the body of the wearer!
Call me old fashioned, but I object to the idea of my body being used as a walking poster site! Not that I could possibly be considered the ideal image for any trendy clothing designer, but I'm sure you get my point. If I am to advertise my shirt's manufacturer, then I would expect to A: receive the garment free of charge , or B: get paid for my services.
The other problem is that these images invariably draw the eye of the observer to the part of the body across which the message is displayed. This can lead to certain misunderstandings, especially when the offending advertisement is stretched across an ample bosom! Am I supposed to look, or should I avert my gaze?
The other popular advertising area is the back side! The upside is that the casual reader can trot along behind the advertisement with the perfect excuse for studying the advertising site!
Problem is however, that rear end adverts are only effective when posted on to perfect derry Airi! Yesterday I followed a young lady of generous proportions who was featuring the name John Rochas on her bum. John on one cheek, and Rochas on the other. As I followed her I was treated to a kind of flashing display! John - Rhocas - John - Rhocas - John - Rhocas.
What do you make of this strange craze for low cut jeans with high cut underwear? What is that all about? A young man I work with seems to think it's cool to tell the world that Calvin Klein sewed his knickers! Do I need to now this?
And surely, it's not in the designer's interest to have their creations modelled by anything other than the perfect body! And unfortunately this is rarely the case. So why do they do it?
What do they hope to gain?


  1. OH come now cheffie strut your stuff shake your little tush on the cat walk yeah on the cat walk I'm too sexy. Lol sorry had to do it. Your right it is like we are sometimes walking billboards but hey guess what this season trend is going to be LOL if you haven't figured it out preppy is coming back and long shaggy hair well shoulder lenght for men oooo enjoy that.

  2. You've got bloody good eyes Keith! Personally, I can't see anything unless it's 6" in front of me, so I don't bother looking, in case someone thinks that I'm smelling them!

  3. I loved your post Keith, and I loved dickiebos' comment!!!!!!!!

  4. dickiebo roflmao mate that is to funny

    Keith it all comes down to the money!!! Personally I would rather buy my cloths from a place I could get four or five pieces than one that flashes the name of a designer on it.
    Being of ample size all over, I would never wear anything that would draw attention to anything lower than my eyeballs. I don't need to advertise that I wasted six hundred dollars on a pair of shoes or shirt and frankly anyone that wears their underwear thinking everyone likes to look up their butt floss is seriously in need of a good pop by, thus grabbing the offending article in view and giving it a upward pull allowing the wearer the pleasure of a wedgie.That is what they are really asking for

  5. Keith, I'm thinking about coming out with a Morgetron line of clothing. I'm going to make you a pair of special pink velvet pants with "I DIG ROBOTS" written across the butt. Will you wear them?


  6. I agree with you.
    I will not wear a top if it has anything on it.

    I hate it.

  7. I agree with you.
    I will not wear any top if it has writing on it.
    I hate it.
    I also hate this new fashion of low cut jeans and showing their underwear off. I did a blog about this myself, I am sick of seeing their bums!

    It's awful.
    God knows what next years fashion will be!

  8. Gotta agree with you on this one Keithie Boy. If I don't get paid, I don't advertise. Although I'm wearing a T with all the lighthouses of the islands on it, right now.



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