Saturday, August 18, 2007

Part of a story I've not yet written!

I saw him from my window. A teenage boy in raggy-arse jeans and a hoody. He was leaning against a wall, and the light from a nearby window lit up his jaged features and cast deep shadows beneath his eyes. Something worried me about the the way he stood. It looked awkward - as if he was trying to conceal something behind his back. I watched for several minutes, scared to move incase I attracte his attention.
Suddenly the phone rang and I lept a step back.
Ring-ring. Had he noticed me?
Ring-ring. Dare I move.
Ring-ring. If I do, I will send another shaft of light across the street.
Ring-ring. Should I ignore it?
Ring...... It stopped, and all I could hear was the pounding of my heart.
My mind was racing. Names started charging through my head. Who was it that called? After all, no one knew I was there. And I was certain that I'd had the phone disconnected when I fled Threeways House three months ago. Could it have been Alison? No, she would never risk blowing her cover and put the kid's lives in danger again.
But in one way I hoped it was. I hadn't seen her since I bundled her, Jack and little Lucy in the cab and sent them into oblivion. And then again I hoped it wasn't. She would have to be desperate to contact me and put all our lives at risk.
A bus stopped in the road outside, blocking my view of the boy. A couple of giggling girls got off and and disappeared into the fog of the Winter's night. The bus moved off and.........he was no longer there.
It was then I heard a sound that made my blood run cold. A sound that would stay with me for ever.


  1. well this leaves you wanting more so come on Cheffie bring it on. We need more of this story. Very good it isn't dull or boring.

  2. What was the sound????!!!!
    I gotta know!!!

  3. Jadey - pleased to hear it wasn't dull or boring! Does that mean my usual writing is? Only joking!

    dickiebo - no, not scary enough unless it was the bank manager!

    Thing is Little Wing, I haven't written the story yet, so even I don't know! I can't wait to find out myself!

  4. My thought is extremely negative, Keith. Think the worst, then multiply it by...., I can't think of a high enough number. I'm going off in a huff right now and read some Harry Potter, which is finished. I'll be back soon and you had better at least be thinking of a horrifying sound to alleviate my frustration.

    I know you're working. But you are going to have to become a suspense writer now that we know how good you really are, dear boy.

    I'm chuckling, by the way. MORE!!!

  5. I'll buy your book.

  6. I am awaiting more and I will buy the book when it comes out. You are such a prolific writer Keith. Put it to good use and write a novel. You could even put together a travelers log of sorts. Great beginning



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