Sunday, August 19, 2007

A new word for you!

I learned a new word today! Actually that's not strictly true, because it's old word which fell out of favour many years ago. I think it should make a come back.
It's Canapogean.
I have probably spelt it wrong - I've not seen it written down. So I have done it phonetically. Can-ap-oh-gee-un!
It's an adjective which is used to describe a person who is blessed with perfectly formed buttocks.
Talking of phonetics, why is the word phonetically not spelt with an F? It's one of those strange anomalies like - why is there only one Monopolies Commission?
I understand there is a similar word which refers to someone with hairy buttocks, but I haven't tracked it down yet. As soon as I get to the bottom of it , I'll let you know!


  1. very witty and clever wording here Mr. Hillman when you get to the bottom of it please do let us know.

  2. Well thank you kind sir, now I know I have canapogean buttocks!


  3. Do you have a lot of time on your hands dear boy?

    Or is it that you know that I have to learn something new before I go to sleep or I get out the good book of knowledge to find something I didn't know. Thanks for the sleep aide, Keith.

  4. Unusually, I have decided to 'Self-Censor' my comment, for the
    sake of your blog's reputation.

  5. I like the phrase "junk in the trunk."


    Hubbetron admired the junk in Morgetron's trunk.

  6. Keith, please let us know when you find the word for hairy buttocks. There is someone I am dying to use it on.

    Very cleverly worded piece. Get to the bottoom of it indeed.

  7. Just looked at your new pictures up on your photo site. Wow! I've seen the plane stunts before but never got such clear photos. And once again you people watching pictures tells its own story. But one photo has the 'Greatest Show On Earth'. I thought that was the Ring Something Brothers and Barnaby Something Circus. Did the circus come to town also?

  8. Keith, I wonder whose bottom's you have been viewing and would have loved to be a part of that topic of which this word maybe came from lol

  9. Jadey - Given a choice of breasts or bottoms, bottoms win hands down!

    Little Wing - photographic evidence please! You've got Dickiebo all hot and bothered!

    Gimme - the other day Jadey said ONE of my posts was not dull or boring. Result! Today I learn that my writing sends you to sleep! Time to revue my postings methinks!

    Dickiebo - the gentleman as ever!

    Morgy - I'd love to know what H-tron saw!

    Krazy! - I'm on the case!

    Missy - so if I delve deeper into this topic, will you be available for a photoshoot?



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