Monday, July 09, 2007

Eye - eye!

Since I wrote my piece on London, I have been asked by several folk for more information on the London Eye.
The London Eye is the UK's biggest tourist attraction. It is situated on the south bank of the River Thames opposite Westminster Palace and the Houses of Parliament.
This amazing feat of design and construction was built to commemorate the new millennium, but as with most projects of this magnitude, it arrived fashionably late! The original idea was to keep it in place for a limited time - in fact planning permission was granted on the basis that it would remain in place for a year. However, it's popularity far exceeded expectations, and it's owners, British Airways, intend keeping it turning into the foreseeable future.
Some facts! The London Eye took seven years to plan and build. It is the highest observation wheel in the world standing 135 metres high. From the top the view stretches 40 kilometres in each direction. Passengers are carried in glass capsules which are fitted to the outside of the wheel, and a total of 800 guests are carried on each revolution. The trip, or flight as it is known, takes 30 minutes to complete.
A total of 3.5 million people a year enjoy the experience - that's a staggering 10,000 each day.
It has also become a popular venue for weddings. The happy couple and their guests are carried in a flower strewn capsule, and when they reach the very top they are declared man and wife! Ah! On the way down the champagne flows!
Although I'm not too keen on heights ( two pairs of socks and I go dizzy)I have ridden the Eye on three occasions! And I can't wait until the next time!


  1. I am going to Worlds of Fun on Thurs. but I'd rather go to your Amusement Park.

  2. Very cool !
    They should do divorces on it too !
    Have a lawyer capsule, you're divorced on the way up and still have champagne on the way down !

  3. checked out your photos of London and loved them Keith...As par for the course, another job well done!!

  4. How about married on the way up and divorced on the way down. Love the info, Keith!

  5. I think that looks beautiful I am not one on heights either but I think that I would probably have to take a trip atleast once to see it 4 times would be pushing it.

  6. I am so jealous Keith...I used to be scared of heights then I bungee jumped off a bridge over water (no they were not troubled waters) and I have wanted to try and scare myself again ever since.

    Wonderful writing and thank you for all the facts.


  7. Keith it's good to hear you have ridden it though. I have a fear of heights as well but I think I would venture a ride on this.



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