Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tips for the single traveller

I love to travel and I love to write. In fact I like nothing more than writing about travel!
Relationships thus far, have not been my strong point. With a string of failures behind me, I have plenty of time on my hands to indulge in both of my passions!If I had known just how wonderful travelling alone can be, I’m sure I would have sought out single status earlier!
Let’s look at the advantages. You can go where you want without discussion or compromise. Once there, you do what ever you want, and there’s no-one to a pull face and make you feel guilty!
Eat what and where you want! You won’t be told you’re greedy or be reminded that you are eating the wrong things! And drink as much as you want! You’ll never hear the dreaded words ‘Haven’t you had enough?’
Having travelled extensively in recent years, I’ve managed to accumulate a few tips and suggestions.
Starting at the airport, always turn up smartly dressed. Jeans are a no-no! A single traveller stands a very good chance of being awarded an up-grade, and they’re a bit picky about your appearance. Try if possible to carry only cabin luggage. That way you’ll be ahead of the crowd the other side.
Once at your hotel, don’t accept an inferior room. Chances are you’ve paid a single supplement, so you deserve equal or superior service to couples or families.
Try and blend in with the locals. A lone traveller is less likely to stand out as a tourist. Grab a local paper and carry it where it can be seen. That way you’re less likely to be approached by people trying to sell you something.
In a restaurant, don’t be fobbed of with a table in a corner or by the loo door! Insist on sitting where you feel most comfortable. Try and make your waiter your friend. It really can pay off.
Even the lone traveller needs conversation now and again. So become a regular at your hotel bar and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with other guests. But whatever you do don’t become a bore, and exercise caution when chatting up someone else’s’ wife!
Most of all - go for it! Don’t give in to nerves or embarrassment! Remain cool, calm and confident. Remember that they need your money, and as a single traveller you’ve only got yourself to spend it on!


  1. Hey Keith!
    I just looked at the photos and I've been to Eastbourne at least once!!! It is really nice there! Anyway, see you back on Helium!
    Jen :) (World Wonder number 6, I just checked!)

  2. So true what you have said here mate. I have learned when I went to London that if you can pack the lease you can and still be presentable you will be better off. We learned to roll our clothes and take a good pair of walking shoes and one pair of dress shoes. Buy wrinkle free stuff. Even if tips weren't required we tipped. We made our own beds and left a tip for the maids when we would leave, never had a bad time. The only problem was it was to short. If ever I get back to London, I am taking a month so I can travel around that fair UK and see all its wonders.
    Such a lovely lot of suggestions Keith.


  3. So true, so true indeed! I perceive you to be a very wise man. I especially love the bit about taking precaution when chatting up someone else's wife! You just gotta love the lighter side of commonsense.


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