Saturday, January 06, 2007

Celebritas - 14th century Latin word meaning famous

Hands up! I am a Big Brother fan! Honest!
'Celebrity' Big Brother started a day or two ago.
Three or four days ago I wrote a piece about the celebrities I've met. I am sure that you will have recognised most , if not all the personalities I named. When these fine people hit town, they brought with them a host of supporting actors, musicians and extras. These I also met. Often they were long departed soap stars or members of bands from years ago. Z- listers. And whilst they were perfectly charming and lined my pockets with cash in return for gastronomic favours, I decided not to include them in my tome.
Lo and behold, they start turning up on celebrity reality shows!
What's going on? I have just sat and watched a 79 year old ex- film director who I had assumed long dead and buried (and on second thoughts he could well be, given the contribution he's making to the programme). Then there's the brother of celebrity Michael Jackson, the co-star of long departed Kenny Everett, a curly haired pop- star from decades ago and an American I've never seen before nor heard of. Add to this list a bloke and a girl from a couple of bands that were adored by children years ago and Bollywood film star! As for the rest, goodness knows who they are!
The only true celebrity is Jade Goodey. Ironic, isn't it, that she is only famous for having been on the 'Mere Mortals' version of Big Brother five years ago! And whatsmore, she didn't even win! What is going on?
Anyway, must get back to the tellie - it's just come back on again!

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