Monday, January 29, 2007

A brief history of me!

It all started several decades ago in Hampshire, but after six months or so my parents upped sticks and moved to a market town in East Sussex. There I spent an idyllic if uneventful childhood and at the age of eighteen I decided to pack a bag and see if the streets of London really were paved with gold. A country lad in the middle of the city during the swinging sixties!

Since then I've lived in Northern France from where Willy the Conk invaded our shores, the town of Battle where his victory took place in 1066, and Winchester, the ancient capital of England which played host to King Arthur and Oliver Cromwell.
My occupations have been many and various. I started in a grocers shop, then I sold stationery. From there I became a sales rep for a German domestic appliance company, then started selling cars. I also had my own kitchen design business and even a deli!
Then my passion for food and wine got the better of me and I set up a unique bistro cum wine bar in the theatre district of a well known seaside resort, which despite my total lack of training was a huge success and led me to meet hundreds of stars from screen stage and tellie. Then I added a village pub to my portfolio which I parted company with a short while ago. Now I'm a free lance chef cooking for whomever will pay me!
Most things in my life have happened in threes. I was one of three brothers and I've had three weddings. I've also had three divorces. I have three kids and two of them have provided me with three grandchildren (take note daughter three).My favourite number is....four.
A few years ago I would have said that cooking was my main interest but after years in sweaty kitchens food has somehow lost it's attraction. I still enjoy my wine of course and classical music, mainly of the choral kind. However, I can still play a mean air-guitar to Sweet Child of Mine!
Travelling has become increasingly important to me and I enjoy nothing more than jetting off to some far flung destination then coming home and writing about it. Infact writing is now my main interest. It started when I decided that it was impossible to write everything you wanted to on a 3 X 3 space on a postcard. Instead I wrote travel diaries and gave them to friends and family on my return. That led to Keith's Ramblings on the web which are there for all to see! And when I master the art of using more than one finger on the keyboard I'll be churning out even more!
So what have I achieved?
I've brought into this problematic world three fine and upstanding young people who I know will make a difference.
I turned from enthusiastic amateur to successful chef / proprietor when most people doubted me
I've enjoyed life to the full despite enduring more setbacks than anybody deserves in one lifetime
So that's me!

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