Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction

Posted Sunday February 21

The Reverand Caruthers decided it was time to hang up his cassock. Today would be his final service.

It was very much the same as any other Sunday. Mumbled prayers, a wheezing organ, tuneless singing. Until that is, the Reverend Caruthers stood in front of his parishioners to deliver his final sermon. Starting softly, he gradually built up steam. 

Then came the climax. His prediction of doom, (A booming chord from the organ) his admonitions (Another booming chord, this time with a couple of wrong notes) Now he was bellowing. The congregation looked startled, afraid even.

Then he stopped. It wasn't a theatrical pause. No, he was scrabbling around beneath his vestments for his handkerchief. 

They began to hear a low rumble. It got louder until it became a deep roaring throb. Some crossed themselves; others fell to their knees. The priest raised his finger heavenward. "The end is nigh" he thundered above the racket. Then he sneezed and the front row ducked.

Then the booming ceased.

The church door burst open, crashing against a bookshelf. Hymnals and bibles flew across the floor. 

“Whoopsie” said a voice.

In swaggered a leather-clad biker, all studs and hair. Through the wispy strands of his beard, you could just make out a clerical collar. “Sorry I’m late Vic” he shouted.Sundays would never be the same again! 



  1. HAHAHAHA That is brilliant. I love it.

  2. Some very lively afterglow.. :)

  3. Should be a fun Sunday service from now on!.. Though Rev. Caruthers probably decided to reconsider his decision after this! Great take! :)

  4. Haha! I'll bet his replacement has some very interesting sermons. Fun story! :)

  5. Sounds as though it was time he went and was replaced by a real person/parson.

  6. Wow Keith. Great build up and tension. And a nice twist, one of those 'modern' pastors who can relate to more people and even rides a motorbike. Perhaps, he'll save more souls that way?

  7. LOL that is funny! So glad I found your blog via Blogging A-Z. I am no 545 on the list but might be offline in April as we are in the process of buying a house and might be moving in April. So I schedule my posts and already visit the 5 blogs after me. Just in case I can't in April. Am looking forward to reading more if your blog :-). Oh, I don't take part with my blogger blog but with WordPress "Just Fooling Around With Bee"

    1. Welcome to my Ramblings Bee and thanks for dropping by.I'll keep an eye on your blog during April in the hope you manage to post something! Hope your move goes well.

  8. Oh, that is fabulous. Thank you!

  9. I wonder where you were going with this and then you brought a smile to my face. Great stuff.