Saturday, October 03, 2015

2 for the price of 1!


The 12 given words at Sunday's Whirligig are:- light, dark, gone, fragments, leaves, eye, theft, erotic, dream, change, watch and clock. I've used 10. 

It is so dark. Why is it dark? Perhaps it is night-time. Yes, that must be it.

It’s a dream. I’m dreaming.

But I’m not. I’m awake. I am.

I should be in bed, not wandering from room to room.

What’s the time? Light switch, light switch. Where is it? Here. Here it is.

My watch. Look at my watch. The hands are spinning. Why? I need to know the time.

The clock. It’s gone. My clock has gone. Where is it? The door is open. There’s been a theft.

Look. It’s light outside the door. Sunlight in the night-time. It’s hurting my eyes.

There are leaves raining down from the oak tree. Oak tree? I don’t have an oak tree. But look, up there beneath the branches. My clock. My clock is up there.

There is something crunching under my feet. It hurts. What is it?

Fragments. Fragments of something. Bits. Pieces. Perhaps it’s my clock. No that’s in the tree. But I don’t have a tree.

It is so dark. Why is it dark? The light is on. The sun is blinding.

Will someone help me, please? Please?

The Secret

This week's word at Sunday Scribblings 2 is carry.

Everywhere he went he carried a padlocked leather bag over his shoulder. I never saw him open it. One day I asked him what was inside. He just tapped his nose and whispered ‘Secret young man, secret’ I never asked again.

He died, and at the funeral his dear wife handed me the mysterious bag. ‘He wanted you to have it’ she said. I was not given a key.

I didn’t open it at first. It felt wrong. But one day, curiosity got the better of me and I cut off the padlock. It was empty. I guess he carried his secret to the grave.



  1. Sheesh, that's one helluva ?dream?, don't care for those, I must say.

    And for the record, you may NoT leave me hanging like that, what is in the bag pleez?

  2. Perhaps in that empty bag is clarity - carried around.. your character in the second half may well have used this..and we simply love the Wonderland feel of that forest...tick tock..tick tock..morning will come soon

  3. I have had those dreams but whoever was sending them has given up now! That padlocked bad was intriguing but perhaps just a game he was having with the young man!

  4. Both so disparate and fascinating! Well done.

  5. So creatively written. The bag in the second part is real tease, and nothing in it means a fortune, I guess...

  6. What a great storyteller you are! You leave me wanting more with both your tales!

  7. I love the picture you put with the first story. Sadly, my literal mind went right to daylight savings. I have a husband who has seasonal affective disorder or some crabby form of that until 12/21 solstice.

    The second story seems to be the beginning of something or at least that is what I think in my mind. It appears to be empty. Appearances are deceiving.

    Well done.