Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

This week's words are uncovered, vacant and abrupt

Everyone suspected him, but somehow he always got away with it. Soon after he moved to the small town a string of burglaries took place. Everything seemed to point to him, but the local constabulary were always unable  to prove anything. Whenever it was suggested he was the perpetrator, he always had an alibi and managed to find someone who could place him somewhere away from the scene of the crime.

He was an odd fellow. Sometimes you would find him in the pub sitting alone clutching his pint, a vacant expression on his face. Now and again he would smile at someone he recognised, but nothing more. Another time he would make an abrupt comment to someone who maybe accidentally brushed up against him, or dared to attempt to strike up a conversation.

It was when a stranger walked into the pub one evening that the secret was uncovered.

“Hello mate, I haven’t seen you since college. John is it, or Jack? I never could tell you and that twin brother of yours apart”



  1. Odd Fellows local 151 - good to have you back Keith and pulling the old spine tinglers out of the bag

  2. Are they in on it together? What evil twins.

  3. A wayward twin could be a bother if he chose to take advantage of his like looks as a decoy. It had happened in real life apparently. Nice twist in the ending , Keith!


  4. Totally love the plot twist in this. Great fun!

  5. Oh wow!!! I was on pins and needles until the this story!

  6. you always manage an interesting twist, great