Monday, September 10, 2007

Lucky Jim!

I am to be the Father of the Bride! My beautiful daughter Penelope Jane is to marry boyfriend Jim in August next year on her birthday.

I just got back from their engagement party at a trendy bar in Crowborough, where friends and family came together to give their blessing to their impending betrothal.

Unfortunately Penny’s mother who lives near Atlanta Georgia wasn’t able to join us. It’s a long way to come for a chat and a couple of glasses of champagne!

They are to be married in the fairy tale setting of St Mawe’s Castle in Cornwall on 08/08/08! You can take a look at
That’s two down - one to go!

*Mona - if you are reading this in India, you will be delighted to know that I got away with a dowry of just a couple of pints of beer!

Post Script

When I write I usually tune my wireless to Classic FM. I find the soothing music helps me rid my mind of the events of the day, and allow my thoughts to flow unhindered by the distractions of everyday life.

But a few moments ago, I was stopped in my tracks. A piece of music wafted over me which forced me to sit back and close my eyes! Words which had been racing to be the first on the page just melted away, my mind was at once rendered impotent.

The forth movement of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony in D minor is a remarkable composition. It’s lilting sound is a masterpiece of writing. The way in which the strings follow the orchestra by a fraction of a beat, creates a soporific yet uplifting ambiance not found anywhere else in the world of classical music.

As the final chords faded away I found myself totally relaxed, but at the same time elated. I only wish I could have shared those few special moments with you.


  1. Ahhh cheers and Congrats to Penny and Jim and you as well dear. I can't wait to see the pics of the big day. I hope that they had a good time tonight.

  2. Congratulations to the great looking pair!
    Wow, getting married in a castle, now that will really be a fairy tale wedding!
    Amazing how much peace we can find in certain music.

  3. Congratulations Kieth! That is one handsome pair!

    I hope it is a fairy tale wedding & may she find Bliss in her wedded life :)

    & Congratulations AGAIN for the dowry exemption :D!

  4. Weddings are so lovely Keith. I bet you are excited. It looks like your daughter is so very happy too.
    The wedding hasn't come yet so you may still find your pockets emptied.

    As for the classical music it's wonderful for creating art be it writing, poetry, literal drawing or relaxing. I had a bit of sadness this week when Pavarotti passed. A tenor who will be missed tremendously.

    As far as your sharing those special moments with us, you just did, thank you!. If that was intended for someone in particular then I am sure they know.

    Have a great day Keith. Enjoy this day.

  5. Thanks Jadey, Little Wing, Mona and Missy for your good wishes. I have now added a link to a picture of the castle at the foot of the post incase you want to take a look.

    And Missy the person for whom my remark was aimed was whoever feels like sharing it with me!

  6. You must be very proud that your beautiful daughter is going to marry. An important step in a father's life. Congratulations

  7. That castle is gorgeous and your daughter will be beautiful and that lake or sea which ever it is looks inviting...I think I feel like sailing....

  8. Congratulations Keith - you must be a very proud father :)



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